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An Open and Vibrant Cultural Life

A number of existing challenges within the cultural sector have been further amplified as a result of the pandemic. We have therefore identified three areas that we want to prioritize to create substantial impact.  

Equal Access to Culture Throughout Sweden

Access to culture and the ability to work in the cultural field is not an opportunity that is equal for all groups across all parts of Sweden. By promoting equal access to an open and vibrant cultural life for everyone across the country, the Postcode Foundation hopes to provide conditions for all people to create and participate in an artistic and cultural life. We will therefore prioritize projects that strengthen cultural infrastructures and enrich local cultural life.

We especially want to enable artists and cultural creators to work outside major cities, as well as for people with different backgrounds and affiliations to be able to participate and actively contribute to cultural life.

Free and Unrestricted Culture Around the Globe

Authoritarian regimes understand the power and impact of culture on people. This is precisely why artists continue to be censored, threatened, and imprisoned. We are now seeing growing threats to artistic freedom in several parts of the world, including Europe. For this reason, the Postcode Foundation wants to prioritize projects that protect artists and cultural creators and make space for room for cultural diversity in Europe and around the world. We also believe that it is crucial that artistic freedom and freedom of expression is understood and valued as a fundamental human right.

Creativity and Imagination

By being able to imagine the world not as it is, but as it could be, existential questions about an uncertain future can be addressed, and new ideas born. We want to strengthen people’s creativity and imagination, and support art and cultural initiatives that can help break ingrained patterns and notions, challenge thought, and deepen the discussion to find new ways of social development. We want to create space for different and new types of cross-sectoral collaborations, critical thinking, curiosity, and the exploration of the unknown.