20/4 2020

Thematic Focus Areas for 2020

At the Swedish Postcode Foundation, we believe that a strong civil society is essential for creating a better world. We are convinced that we can best contribute to long-term positive change by supporting a wide range of non-profit organizations while remaining responsive to the changing needs and challenges facing our society.

We also understand that by concentrating our efforts on key areas where we have identified a need, we can have the greatest overall impact. We have therefore identified the following areas of focus for 2020.

We choose to continue to work with Democracy and Freedom of Speech; this area has been a focus for the past two years. We see the continuous negative development of democracy globally, with further restrictions on freedom of speech and democratic rights of vulnerable groups internationally, as well as decreased participation in the democratic process in Sweden. We look forward to support initiatives that address this.

The negative trends seen in climate change and biodiversity are alarming. Greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase globally, extinction of numerous species is occurring faster than ever and governments not taking real action against global warming is making matters worse. Furthermore, the ongoing tropical deforestation around the world poses a serious threat to both the climate and our ecosystems. For those reasons, we focus on the protection of Biodiversity and Ecosystems and in preventing Climate Change in 2020 and look forward to working with Swedish and international organizations to counter these challenges.

As always, we have a rolling application process that welcomes applications in all areas at any time which means that you are welcome to submit an idea not directly linked to our focus areas for 2020.