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About the Postcode Foundation

The Swedish Postcode Lottery’s belief is that the world is getting better with the help of strong nonprofit organizations. The Postcode Foundation’s goal is to carry out that mission through projects that challenge, inspire and promote change.

Areas of Operation

The Postcode Foundation aims to promote positive social development and seeks long-term solutions to local and global challenges. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are the basis for the framework of our efforts and we strive to reach these goals through our supported projects.

Partnership with Project Organizations

The Postcode Foundation works to further support project organizations in a variety of ways that reaches beyond financial project support. Through active dialogue we provide knowledge, experience, and establish networks that can help strengthen projects. We also actively work to publicize projects and demonstrate the impact of their efforts.

Each project is assigned a project manager from The Postcode Foundation that maintains close contact with the organization throughout the duration of the project. In addition to regular contact, we request written reports that assess completed activities, costs, revisions, and a forecast for the project until the end. Project funds are paid out based on these reports.


Marie Dahllöf

Secretary General

Teresa Vieglins

Deputy Secretary General

Moa Stenholm

Project manager/ Process and quality assurance manager (on parental leave)

Jenny Jonstoij

Project Manager

Jessica Nordström Sikkar

Project Manager

Robert Brodén

Project Manager

David Given-Sjölander

Project Manager

Josefine Lindström

Project Manager

Kristoffer Soldal

Project Manager

Maxine Olausson

Project Manager

Evelina Båverman

Project Manager

Emilia Hellqvist

Analyst (on parentel leave)

Kory Davis


Iris Edelstam

Administrative Coordinator

Meron Tewodros

Foundation Coordinator

Nanor Mahdessian Gori

Communications Manager

Board of directors

Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg


Elisabeth is a communications advisor, writer, etc., and engaged as an expert commentator at TV4. Previously Elisabeth has been working as head of communications at the Royal Court and the Marshal of the Court of Crown Princess Victoria. She has also been a Senior Advisor at the communications bureau Kreab.

Elisabeth has a BA in Political Science from Mount Holyoke College. During 2012 until 2016, she was a member of the board of the Culture Foundation of the Postcode Lottery. She was appointed as a member of The Swedish Postcode Foundation Board on 1st January 2017.

Thomas Fogdö

Vice Chairperson

Thomas is a sports psychologist with assignments in athletics, business, and the public sector. He was a member of the Alpine Ski Team from 1988-1995 and has been ranked as number one in the world. In 1995 he injured his back during a workout in Åre, and has since worked as a writer, lecturer, and advisor.

Thomas is passionate about helping others with personal growth as well as organizational development. He is a board member of several for-profit and non-profit organizations.
He was a member of the Swedish Postcode Lottery’s Sports Foundation’s Board of Directors between 2016-2017. In March 2017, he was appointed member of the Swedish Postcode Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth

Member of the board

Lena has a long background in politics and has been active in Sweden’s Moderate Party since she was a teenager. She has worked in media and journalism, both as a reporter and as an advisor. Between 2002-2006, she was a Member of Parliament and the Culture Committee, and for eight years served as the Minister for Culture and Sports. Today she works in a private company with consulting and investigating.

Lena has been on the Board of Directors for, among others, University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre. She has been board president of the Swedish Postcode Lottery’s Sports Foundation and in March 2017, was appointed member of the Swedish Postcode Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Abbe Ibrahim

Member of the board

Abbe Ibrahim has been the president of Operakällaren since 2007. He received market training and extensive restaurant experience from Tures, Sturecompagniet, and Hotel Reisen. Abbe has an active voluntary commitment and engagement.

He both founded and runs the Operakällaren Foundation where he has so far raised 22 million Swedish Crowns for UNICEF’s efforts to provide children in Africa with clean drinking water and other supplies. Abbe was appointed member of the Board of the Cultural Foundation of The Postcode Lottery in March, 2016. Abbe took place as member of the Postcode Foundations board in March, 2017.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery

Novamedia Sweden operates The Swedish Postcode Lottery, Sweden’s largest lottery. The lottery’s objective is to generate money for the nonprofit sector, with an overall vision for a better world. Customers have the chance to win money every day along with their neighbors as surplus sales go to the non-profit sector.