17/3 2023

Coastal Ecosystems Initiative

We are launching a new initiative to find projects that strive towards coastal ecosystems rich in biodiversity and thriving coastal communities resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Through the Coastal Ecosystems Initiative, we aim to support projects that contribute to this purpose by:

  • Reducing human-caused threats to coastal ecosystems, for example through regulations, initiatives, and solutions to reduce the occurrence of invasive alien species, pollutants, excess nutrients, pesticides, exploitative practices, and over-use of resources that directly impact coastal ecosystems, as well as through market or policy incentives to protect and restore coastal ecosystems.
  • Protecting and restoring critical coastal ecosystems, for example through the designation of protected areas, restoration activities, area-based conservation measures as well as recovery and conservation of key species.
  • Harnessing the power of nature to enhance community resilience and coastal protection, for example through nature-based solutions and ecosystem-based approaches that restore, maintain and enhance nature’s contribution to people, while delivering co-benefits for biodiversity.
  • Promoting community-led solutions and empowering coastal communities to sustainably manage coastal resources, for example through supporting capacity building, localizing decision-making, protecting and encouraging a customary sustainable use of coastal resources by local communities, promoting benefit sharing and developing sustainable livelihood opportunities.

To be considered for funding through the Coastal Ecosystems Initiative, please submit an application through the online form on our website no later than May 9th, 2023.

The application is now closed. All applicants will hear from us within six weeks.