Photo: Erik Hallgren

21/3 2024

Keep Forests Standing – for biodiversity and climate

Photo: Erik Hallgren

Forests are critical to the world’s biodiversity and play a key role in climate change mitigation. Forests provide a wide range of critical ecosystem services and are essential for food productions and livelihoods. Forests are also critical to local and indigenous communities around the world, who have based their livelihoods and cultures on the forests. But forests are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Halting deforestation and keeping the world’s most critical forests standing is our best chance to conserve wildlife, defend the rights of forest communities and it’s also one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to curb global warming.  

As part of the Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation’s commitment to combatting climate change and loss of biodiversity, we have previously supported a range of projects that address deforestation and degradation through the Tropical Forest Initiative and the Northern Forest Initiative.

In 2024 we will continue our efforts to protect and preserve forests by supporting innovative approaches with transformative potential to halt deforestation and keep the world’s most critical forests standing.

With this next step in our commitment to the world’s critical forests we are seeking to support projects that are innovative, that have the possibility to create systemic change or that implement disruptive solutions. We are also particularly interested in supporting organizations that can bring unique methods or expertise to solve the challenges facing critical forests and that have the potential for large scale impact. We will focus primarily on projects that protect mature, high value forest rich in biodiversity and carbon (including old growth, primary and undisturbed forests). 

We aim to support projects that lead to: 

Strengthened protection of critical forests 

Impact will be measured in terms of:

  • Hectars under improved protection
  • Improved laws, public policies or practices to halt deforestation

New innovations, commitments and partnerships 

Impact will be measured in terms of:

  • Partnerships created that can result in long term protection of critical forests
  • New innovations to halt deforestation and preserve forests developed, tested or scaled
  • Companies with improved policies and commitments to curb deforestation

Empowered indigenous and forest dependent communities:   

Impact will be measured in terms of:

  • People supported with improved and sustainable livelihoods
  • People benefitting from project’s interventions
  • People with increased capacity to protect and preserve forest resources 
  • Improved access by indigenous and forest dependent communities to justice and rights to manage forest resources

Please note that the Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation funding is not intended to support core operations. Our financial contributions are for projects that are time-limited with clearly defined activities and outcomes.

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You can read about our application process and send an application through the form on our website.