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Applications will only be considered from non-profit organizations that serve a public interest. Applications from politically or religiously driven organizations will not be considered.

Projects will be evaluated according to their:

  • Relevance: the project’s relevance to and alignment with the purpose of the Coastal Ecosystems Initiative.
  • Methods and feasibility: the project’s use of either innovative or well proven methods that are likely to achieve the project’s objectives.
  • Impact: the project’s short- and long-term contributions towards the aims of the Coastal Ecosystems Initiative as well as potential synergies created with other projects funded through the initiative.
  • Applicant organization: the applicant organization’s demonstrated capacity and expertise to successfully execute the project.

We will prioritize applications for projects that:

  • address pressing challenges facing coastal ecosystems with clearly defined activities designed to achieve measurable short-term outcomes that results in long term impact on coastal ecosystems specifically.
  • demonstrate the importance of the proposed intervention to address the threats to coastal ecosystems.
  • can be replicated, adapted or scaled for use in other areas.
  • target coastal areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem function and services.
  • target areas with high coastal risks.
  • demonstrate the value of nature as a way to protect communities from the impacts of climate change and other societal challenges.
  • demonstrate the applicant organization’s track record and/or suitability for the proposed efforts.
  • demonstrate alignment with the aims of the initiative.

Please note that The Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation funding is not intended to support core operations. Our financial contributions are for projects that are time-limited with clearly defined activities and outcomes. A strong application should demonstrate the impact of The Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation’s funding specifically. Co-funding is not required. Projects that have significant co-funding should clearly outline the use of The Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation’s funding and its specific contribution to the results.