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Democracy and Human Rights​

In the last decade, the world has seen a negative development with reduced belief in democracy, increased violations of human rights and a greater spread of misinformation. The post-pandemic world is one of greater economic uncertainty and an authoritarian political landscape with increased political contradictions. This has led to increased polarization and created a breeding ground for discontent.

To respect human rights is crucial for democratic states. In the same way, democratic processes and rule-of-law strengthens the protection of human rights. That is why the Swedish Postcode Foundation has chosen to focus on democracy and human rights as a priority area 2023.

The Postcode Foundation aims to support projects that contribute to democratic societies and uphold human rights by:

  • Preventing restrictions on civil human rights.
  • Fostering equal opportunities to participate in society,
  • Strengthening the rule of law and promote accountability,
  • Protecting freedom of expression, combat disinformation and censorship.
  • Bridging polarization and division, and foster mutual understanding.