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Democracy and Human Rights

Democratic civic space is shrinking in many places all over the world – human right defenders are threatened, journalists are silenced, and democratic movements are suppressed. Inequalities and discrimination, at both global and national levels, must be countered to ensure people can develop to their full potential. Having the opportunity to participate, feel a sense of belonging and exert influence is central to a functioning democratic society where everyone is given equal chance to contribute to social development. It is important to ensure access to justice and increased accountability in order to highlight and reduce the risks of abuse of power and impunity.

Strengthening civil society’s ability to act on human right abuses and restrictions is urgent to reverse negative democratic developments and protect the progress made towards a peaceful and inclusive society.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery Foundation has prioritized democracy and human rights for several years and will continue to do so in 2024. We aim to support projects that contribute to increased equality, participation, and accountability to act on critical human right- and democracy challenges in Sweden and globally.

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