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Training and Supporting Farmers in Producing Sustainable Cotton

Cotton is used by millions of people on a daily basis and the number of farmers who are involved in the production is approximately 250 million worldwide. However, the production is often carried out in an unsustainable manner with excessive pesticide use, water inefficiency, indecent work principles and other social concerns such as child labor. Thus, in this project, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) will seek to provide farmers with adequate training and support to produce cotton in a way that cares for the environment, minimizes the negative impact of fertilizers and pesticides, and cares for water, soil health and natural habitats.

What the project delivers

Development of a digital training program that is carried out by 1600 cotton farmers. New quality requirements and a tool for result indicators are also to be developed.

Why we support this project

Sustainable production of cotton is vital for people and planet since the consumption and the demand of cotton is high.

Project time status


This project started in February 2018 and ended in January 2019

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