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  • Sumatran orangutans, in the Leuser Ecosystem, Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo: Paul Hilton / Earth Tree

  • Forest cover, Leuser Ecosystem, Sumatra, Indonesia. The Leuser Ecosystem is home to the largest extent of intact forest landscapes remaining in Sumatra and it is among the most biologically abundant landscapes ever described. Photo: Paul Hilton for Earth Tree Images

Pack4Good: Getting Forests Out of the Box

Paper packaging has a massive and rapidly growing impact on the world’s forests. Three billion trees are logged each year to make packaging, with many of these trees coming from ecologically-critical tropical forests in Southeast Asia and South America. With that number slated to double by 2035, we have a narrow window of opportunity to transform the paper-based packaging supply chain to safeguard the world’s climate, biodiversity and forest ecosystems.

Canopy’s Pack4Good campaign tackles one of the root causes of tropical forest degradation and deforestation: unsustainable supply chains. Through Pack4Good, Canopy will work with major corporate packaging consumers to develop and implement cutting-edge environmental policies that commit to ending sourcing from the world’s remaining high-carbon tropical rainforests and other critical forest landscapes, and to prioritizing sustainable alternatives to tree fibre. By galvanizing the support of many of the world’s largest corporate consumers of packaging, Canopy will shift the supply chain to smarter resource-efficient design, Next Generation Solutions and tropical forest conservation.

The Postcode Foundation supports the project with SEK 6,000,000.

What the program delivers

The project consists of three parts. First, companies that purchase large quantities of paper packaging for their operations are encouraged to join the Pack4Good initiative. In the second part of the project, Canopy works directly with packaging manufacturers to encourage them to accept Pack4Good commitments. In the third part of the project, Canopy works directly with entrepreneurs in the next generation of packaging solutions in order to help them scale up. In addition, affiliated companies are involved in making demands on decision-makers regarding forest conservation and in communication efforts against consumers.

Why we support this project

This project contributes to fulfilling the Postcode Foundation’s statutes on working for a better environment.

Project time status


This project started in January 2021 and ended in July 2023

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