Two young Mexican women, walking on a sidewalk on a tree-lined street

11/11 2021

Mexico’s Supreme Court Decriminalizes Abortion

September has been a crucial and historic moment for the rights of Mexican women. Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice unanimously recognized that penalizing abortion constitutes a human rights’ violation and is unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court ruled against imprisoning women who voluntarily may either consent or procure their abortion. In this manner, forced abortions are still penalized in favor of protecting women’s rights when these do not wish to interrupt their pregnancies. This decision mandates all the judicial system (judges and courts) to rule considering the Court’s position on abortion.

The Supreme Court also debated other cases rated to abortion. As a result of these debates, it was declared that it is not for Congresses to define the beginning of life, further contributing to decriminalization at the national level and that the State is obliged to always guarantee the availability of safe abortion services and that the Conscientious Objection cannot, and should not, constitute an access barrier.

In summary, these rulings represent clear messages to all states that do not recognize the right of women to interrupt a pregnancy voluntarily. Based on the Countrs´rulings, the government of every Mexican state where abortion remains criminalized should modify their penal codes and legalize abortion to avoid standing in contradiction to the nation’s highest court.

IPAS is fully committed to continue implementing its initial plan of reaching the largest number of women living far from the city of Oaxaca, to guarantee accompaniment and conditions for safe abortion services. Oaxaca has clear guidelines for providing these services, and IPAS ‘commitment to deliver these is intact. IPAS works for the possibility of providing safe abortions for women throughout the country.

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