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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our funding? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive. 

How many project ideas receive funding?

We receive nearly 1000 applications per year. Approximately 10% of these are granted financial support.
Read more about projects that have received support here.

While our organization is not officially registered as an NGO, all operations are done on a voluntary basis without profit. Will you accept an application from us?

No. The Swedish Postcode Foundation may only grant support to officially registered non-profit organizations or foundations.

Because our funds are generated from the surplus of The Swedish Postcode Lottery, we are required to abide by the Swedish lottery legislation. This determines, amongst other things, the types of organizations we may support. Therefore, we are not able to fund organizations that are not officially recognized as operating NGOs.

How much funding may we request?

We do not have any official guidelines on the amount of support an organization is able to seek. However, the average project support we grant is 2 million SEK. Generally, we would like to see that the applied project budget is reasonable in relation to the organization’s overall revenue as well as previous project budgets.

We do not support projects seeking under 500 000 SEK in funding.

Do you have any requirements for secured funding from other sources?

No. The Postcode Foundation may provide funding that covers part of the project budget or the project budget in full.

How long can a project be?

The projects that we support generally last between 12 and 24 months. In very rare instances we are able to support projects lasting outside of this timeframe.
Our support is time-limited, with funding being used for operations that lie within the project period. We do not support organizations as a long-term funder.

What do you mean by “Swedish relevance”?

The Swedish lottery legislation requires all our supported projects to have a defined Swedish relevance.
The Swedish Postcode Foundation does however support projects and organizations both in Sweden and internationally.If you are an international organization working outside of Sweden, there may still be a Swedish relevance if the work can be seen as relevant for the Swedish public.

What do you mean by “serving a public interest”?

Because our funds are generated from the surplus of The Swedish Postcode Lottery, we are required to abide by the Swedish lottery legislation, which requires all supported projects to serve a public interest. We define this as any operation that addresses an urgent social issue or acts for the betterment of society, either directly or indirectly.

Do you have any current areas of priority?

We support a variety of projects that contribute to The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and promote social development.

We have chosen priority areas that we would like to focus our attention on over the coming year, the complete list of priorities for 2023 can be found here.

However, we have a rolling application process that welcomes applications in all areas at any time which means that you are welcome to submit an idea not directly linked to our priority areas for 2023.

What type of information is requested in the application form?

Please open this link to see the application form. It is important that all applications be submitted via the applications form on the website. We will not review the application if it is sent by e-mail.

If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please e-mail us at info(a)