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Global Solutions for Sustainable Land Use

Our Earth faces major challenges. Preserving ecosystems and protecting biodiversity are becoming more acute due to threats caused by climate change. With a growing population, the demand for food, clean water and energy increases. One of the major causes of climate change is the unsustainable use of land, therefore, it is crucial to preserve forests to decrease carbon dioxide emission, protect ecosystems and implement sustainable food production and consumption. These challenges are interconnected and are affected by one another. Thus, a holistic perspective is needed and Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), in this project, will develop an integrated analysis to address all of these challenges.

What the project delivers

Development of an integrated long-term plan to solve global challenges related to land-use and food systems.

Why we support this project

Land-use affects different areas that are crucial for sustainable development, thus making it a global concern.

Projektets tidsstatus


This project started in November 2017 and ended in April 2019