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Taking action against climate change in Afghanistan

For villages in remote rural Afghanistan, climate change is a very real and current threat; increasing instances of natural disasters and extreme weather damages the natural resource base and puts families’ lives at risk.

In this project, Afghanaid will support communities to restore and reinvigorate their local ecosystems, improve the management of their land, promote sustainable agriculture and increase vegetation cover, in order to strengthen both the farmers’ livelihoods and the land against future disasters and the changing climate, boost agricultural productivity and income and build a more sustainable future for their communities.

The project is supported with 2 450 000 SEK

What the project delivers

Restoring and reinvigorating local ecosystems, cleaning and repairing blocked and damaged irrigation systems and training communities to better manage, conserve and regenerate their natural resources, and sustainably use their land.

Why we support this project

By helping people adapt to climate change helps them become more sustainable and independent, thus preventing humanitarian disasters.

Projektets tidsstatus


This project started in January 2020 and ends in December 2020

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