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Protection of Biodiversity and Mitigation of Climate Change

The negative trends for the climate and biodiversity are alarming. While the current situation is disheartening, it still seems possible to reverse these negative trends. The world must continue to reduce carbon emissions whilst simultaneously strengthening climate change resilience. Our oceans and land must be protected while efforts to restore and rehabilitate nature must expand. Both climate change and biodiversity loss are receiving increased media attention, public engagement is increasing, and new initiatives are being created and are higher on the political agenda today than ever before.

For these reasons, the Postcode Foundation has once again chosen to prioritize climate and biodiversity in 2022 and welcomes relevant projects both in and outside of Sweden. In addition to this broad thematic focus, we are also prioritizing Swedish forests and ecosystems as well as Northern Forests outside of Sweden.

The Postcode Foundation also welcomes applications from Swedish environmental organizations to strengthen their organizational capacity, development, advocacy, and public perception. We also aim to support organizations that are not specifically labeled as environmental organizations but wish to implement projects that help engage new audiences in climate and biodiversity issues.