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Arica – film and impact campaign

When developed countries export their toxic waste to developing countries, the health and environmental effects on the poorest communities can be devastating. Yet the movement of hazardous waste from the developed to the developing world remains legal. In 1984, as Sweden tightened its environmental regulations, the mining conglomerate Boliden began shipping toxic waste to Chile. Despite claims that the material would be safely processed, 20,000 tonnes of smelter sludge containing arsenic, mercury and lead were dumped in Arica, north-west Chile.

 In this project, Spacedog Society will complete the feature-length documentary film ARICA and develop and implement an associated impact and audience engagement campaign, with multi-level sustainable goals and outcomes on an international scale.


What the project delivers

Complete the production of the film Arica, screenings and seminars of the film in Sweden and internationally, impact work to influence more countries to ratify the amendment of the Basel Convention, and contribute to the startup of a foundation for the victims in Chile.


Why we support this project

It is in the public interest to acknowledge the Basel Convention and work for it to be enforced internationally.

Project time status


This project started in November 2018 and ended in October 2020