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YES4ECO: Empowering Youth for Eco-friendly Communities in Bangladesh

Bangladesh faces the devastating impacts of climate change and frequent natural disasters, underscoring the need to safeguard its communities and environment. Yet, the voices of the youth, who will inherit the consequences of climate change, are often overlooked in disaster and environmental management.

In response to this urgent need, YES4ECO, a groundbreaking initiative, aims to empower youth in climate-vulnerable regions of Bangladesh to address the devastating impacts of climate change and safeguard their communities and environments. The project focuses on strengthening the capacities of adolescents and youth to promote environmentally sensitive behaviors and climate adaptive operations in their communities. Through educational campaigns, conferences, and awareness events, young people are trained, empowered, and mobilized to secure local resources, improve knowledge in climate change and environmental stewardship, and implement actions to reduce carbon footprint in the targeted communities. The project also aims to empower adolescents and youth to implement integrated Climate Change Adaptation & Environmental Stewardship plans and projects in their local communities. This involves developing climate change adaptation and environmental stewardship plans, executing youth-led projects, and conducting reviews to measure progress.

In conclusion, the YES4ECO project aims to empower young people to actively address climate variability and environmental risks in their communities, fostering a more resilient and eco-friendlier environment for the future.

The project is supported with 2,800,000 SEK.

What does the project delivers?

Empower adolescents and youth to become environmental stewards and climate advocates, influencing their peers and communities to take action for a sustainable and eco-friendly future. Climate Change Adaptation and Stewardship Action plans informed by community vulnerability assessments will be developed. Youth-led small ‘YES4ECO’ projects will be developed and implemented. Household farmlets will adopt climate change adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity improvements, in line with eco-friendly community model standards;

Why do we support this project?

The project contributes to:

  • – Empowering youth as change agents for climate action.
  • – Enhancing community resilience and environmental stewardship.
  • – Promoting eco-friendly practices for a sustainable future.

Project time status


This project started in June 2023 and ends in May 2025

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