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Tackling Climate Change One Budget at a Time

The climate crisis is the world’s greatest development challenge, and it poses outsized threats to those who are poor or marginalized. It is imperative that governments, raise and spend public money to effectively address the causes of climate breakdown and build the resilience of their people and communities, especially in the most climate-vulnerable countries. Community, advocacy and policy organizations can help inform these budget choices and hold their governments to account, but in far too many cases they lack the capacity, opportunities, and support to do so.

The project aims to strengthen the ability of civil society groups in three countries in Asia and the Pacific to ensure that their governments use public funds to address climate change in ways that lead to sustainable and equitable societies. The International Budget Partnership (IBP) will provide civil society partners with capacity-building support and technical and strategic assistance for projects that seek to influence or track/monitor the management of public financial resources intended for climate change mitigation or adaptation. IBP will also conduct research that supports these activities.

This project is supported with 4 100 000 SEK

What the project delivers

Training and development of strategy and planning for related advocacy activities for civil society organizations that seek to influence or track/monitor government management of climate funds. Reports and other resources related to climate finance including the podcast, “People, Planet and Public Finance.”

Why we support this project

By empowering communities to hold government accountable for the use of public funds, this project aims to strengthen democratic processes and improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people.

Project time status


This project started in October 2019 and ended in December 2021

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