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Dream City Imagining, Enacting Tunisia’s Democracy

After a series of promising political advances in terms of a democratic transition (regularization of opposition parties, free democratic elections, adoption of a new constitution), Tunisia is renewing since 2019 with an unstable and particularly tense political context. The political tensions are also affecting the social and economic situation which, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has become extremely fragile. Cultural and civil society in the country stand firm and seek to counteract the negative trend, stand up for democratic values and continue to inspire and lead development in a positive direction.

With this project, L’Art Rue intends to consolidate the Dream City festival, an artistic and critical platform for artists from Tunisia and the MENA region, Tunisian youth, cultural practitioners, and civil society actors. To respond to the specific context of the region, L’Art Rue supports artists in residency by providing a space for experimentation and creativity, for them to create contextual and community-based artworks. Long-term artistic residencies allow artists to address topical issues of the territory as well as critical narratives through an artistic discourse.

The project is supported with SEK 2,670,000.

What does the project deliver?

  • – Young adults from Tunisia receive coaching and training in various areas related to cultural expressions and the implementation of events.
  • – Through their work, cultural practitioners from both Tunisia and abroad contribute to different perspectives that are brought to new audiences. Cultural actors from the region are invited to collaborate with other actors and with young people in order to spread to a broad public.
  • – Workshops and discussion labs are held where young people, civil society and thinkers/researchers meet and talk about challenges in relevant acute topics. The outcome of these discussions and activities, their results and impact are compiled in reports published online.

Why do we support this project?

When freedom of expression is being threatened, it is important to make the changes visible and counteract at an early stage. With culture as a carrier, people in the MENA region are given the opportunity to reflect on the importance of, and threats to, our human rights. The project fits into our cultural strategy.

Project time status


This project started in July 2023 and ends in September 2024

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