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Earth Journalism Network

Following the emergence of SARS-CoV-2, scientists have been quick to highlight the link between the current health crisis and the wider environmental and climate crises. Deforestation and the destruction of natural ecosystems have been repeatedly touted as reasons for the emergence of zoonotic diseases such as coronaviruses, as human and animal lives overlap and become more closely intertwined. In addition to the ever-increasing threat of a changing climate, this has brought indigenous people to the forefront of the discussion in ensuring that natural resources are protected.

In this project, Internews seeks to improve the quality and quantity of available information related to two themes, improving public understanding and awareness of these issues, and ensuring that governments and the people in power are held accountable and enact positive change such as changes to public policies, behaviour, and debate.

The Swedish Postcode Foundation supports this project with SEK 2 650 000.

What the project delivers

Capacity building activities, such as workshops, network-building, training sessions and development of open-access online training courses.

Why we support this project

The project contributes to fulfilling the Postcode Foundation’s statutes to “work for a better environment”.

Project time status


This project started in September 2021 and ended in August 2023

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