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Empowering Girls to Score in Life – Menstrual Hygiene Management

Many girls and women around the world experience major difficulties during menstruation. The infrequent accessibility to clean water and toilets, lack of hygiene practices, and outdated beliefs create a stigma for girls to often not attend school during their menstruation. In order to improve the situation, understanding about hygiene and menstruation must increase. In this project, WASH United will educate girls in India about puberty, sanitation, and hygiene practices. WASH United uses a special method for educating through interactive play and sport activities.

What the project delivers

Educate teachers and athletes about puberty, sanitation, and menstruation.

Why we support this project

Girls in India increase their understanding of menstrual hygiene, which has a positive effect on their own personal health and their ability to attend school.

Project time status


This project started in September 2017 and ended in October 2018

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