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Empowering women entrepreneurs in Indonesia

HerVenture is a mobile learning app that supports small-scale women entrepreneurs to access the skills, confidence and networks they need to grow their businesses and thereby improve their livelihoods. HerVenture provides essential business training and support, enabling women to access skills-building information ‘on the go’. It features five learning ‘tracks’ on a range of needs, including launching a business, product innovation and expanding market access.

Based on user input, the app suggests a personalised learning roadmap for each entrepreneur. Content is provided in bite-sized, easily digestible formats such as swipe-able cards, quizzes and videos. Static content can also be accessed offline. The app allows users to find and connect with each other, as well as learn about local business events. In this project, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women will launch the application in Indonesia.


What the project delivers

Launch of the application HerVenture, local events and workshops for women entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

Why we support this projects

This projects empowers women and increases their possibility to have an income on their own, which is positive not only for themselves, but also for their families and the society.


Project time status


This project started in July 2018 and ended in May 2019

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