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A Digital Platform to Counteract Climate Change and Poverty

In developing countries 80 % of the population earns a living from farming, yet a third of the world’s agricultural areas are threatened by land degradation. Soil erosion, overgrazing, and the impacts of climate change are not only a threat to farmers’ crops, but also their livelihood. As a result, land restoration is vital in securing the subsistence of farmers. By planting trees or allowing seeds and root systems to regenerate naturally, farmers can enrich the nutrients in their soil, generate firewood, provide fodder for livestock, and find shade from the heat of the sun. However, the farmers need support to carry out these tasks efficiently. In this project, the World Resources Institute, seeks to enable farmer-led restoration in Rwanda by engaging people from around the world, providing seeds and seedlings, sharing access to apps and advice, and monitoring the changes in the land as it is restored.

What the project delivers

Prevention of land degradation, development of restoration packages and digital platforms to provide farmers with the support they need, as well as to engage the public to contribute to the farmers’ work in Rwanda.

Why we support this project

By creating opportunities for land restoration and preventing further degradation, the project combats both poverty and hunger.

Project time status


This project started in November 2017 and ended in October 2019

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