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Prevent violence and crime in Jamaica through sports

Jamaica is one of the most violent countries in the world, with high levels of murder and violent crime. Criminal gangs are behind the majority of violent crimes and hundreds of people are killed every year due to fighting between different gangs. The existence of armed violence is an obstacle to development. Children who grow up in these areas are affected particularly hard as they risk being exposed to various types of violence, trauma or being recruited into gangs, which can lead to lifelong crime and vulnerability.

Sport is a proven important tool when combating violence and crime and has been used in this way around the world. A particularly successful method has been developed by the organization Fight for Peace International. The method was developed in Rio de Janeiro’s violent favelas and has since been implemented by 160 partners in 26 countries where it has created ways out of crime – and contributed to improved confidence in the future of participating young people.

The Swedish Postcode Foundation supports the project with SEK 3,110,000.

What the program delivers

I den första delen kommer organisationen Fight for Peace erbjuda anpassade utbildningar, coaching och mentorskap till ungdomar som bor i marginaliserade och våldsdrabbade områden. I andra delen av projektet kommer organisationen utbilda idrottsförbund och idrottsorganisationer i Fight for Peace-metoden. I tredje delen av projektet kommer organisationen delta i regeringens nationella kommission för våldsförebyggande.

Why we support this project

In the first part, the organization Fight for Peace will offer adapted training, coaching and mentorship to young people who live in marginalized and violent areas. In the second part of the project, the organization will train sports federations and sports organizations in the Fight for Peace method. In the third part of the project, the organization will participate in the government’s national commission for violence prevention.

Project time status


This project started in January 2021 and ended in December 2022

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