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Defend democracy in Hungary and other European countries

New laws enacted in Hungary make it harder for oppositional parties, journalists and NGO’s to work and Hungary is now the first country in the EU to be ranked as “only partially free” by the human rights organization Freedom House. At the same time, authoritarian leaders look upon Hungary as a role model of a country. In this project, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee wants to counter the anti-democratic winds that are blowing in Hungary and other parts of Europe. 

The project aims to build networks between leaders of change whom together can ring the alarm whenever human rights are violated. The project also wants to reach a broad public in Hungary with information on why a well-functioning rule of law is needed in a country.

The project is supported with 2 100 000 SEK.

What the project delivers

A report that describes the situation i Hungary will be produced and serve as basis for several seminars as well in Hungary as in other European countries. A digital campaign is devolped to reach a wider audience. Civil right defenders are provided with legal assistance.

Why we support this project

The project aim to strengthen those who work for democratic values, in Hungary and other countries in Europe. The project also helps to counteract violations on fundamental human rights.

Project time status


This project started in December 2019 and ended in November 2021

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