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Reducing Violence, Exploitation, and Discrimination Against Migrant Children

Migrant children and youth in Serbia, Croatia, and North Macedonia face violence, exploitation, and discrimination as they travel north seeking refuge in other European countries. The COVID-19 crisis has created even more challenges for migrant children and youth in Southeast Europe, putting them at a higher risk of severe stress and trauma while limiting their access to education and social services.

In this two-year initiative, GFC supports four community-based organizations in Croatia, North Macedonia, and Serbia that are increasing protections for migrant children and youth and promoting tolerance in transit and host countries. GFC aims to improve locally led service delivery and to strengthen connections between partners to advocate for change and reduce the exploitation and stigmatization of migrant children in the region.

This project is supported with  SEK 3.530.000.

What the program delivers

This initiative engages local organizations in ensuring that migrant children and youth lead safe and dignified lives by providing services and assistance, advocating for improved laws, treatment, and conditions for migrants. It also harness the power of youth voices and empowering youth to become more aware of their rights and strengthen networks for advocacy and learning by uniting local organizations.

Why we support this project

In order to deliver on Agenda 2030, there need to be a special focus on the most vulnerable groups.

Project time status


This project started in October 2020 and ended in October 2022

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