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Green-Grey: Developing the Next Generation of Infrastructure for Climate Change 

Extreme weather events brought about by climate change have been identified as the most prominent risk facing humanity and reducing the imminent threat to vulnerable communities is a critical challenge of our time. These events have already caused devastating impacts in many parts of the world and in the Philippines, impacts have been particularly severe. Green-gray infrastructure has the potential to be a cost-effective and innovative solution to buffer vulnerable communities from extreme weather events.

Conservation International is partnering with local communities to install green-gray infrastructure projects in two highly vulnerable communities in the Province of Iloilo and to identify two more sites suitable for the approach. Lessons learnt from these projects will be incorporated into a Practical Guide, trainings, and other communications to build capacity and support in the local and national government to implement green-gray infrastructure projects across the country. These materials will also expand awareness and implementation of green-gray solutions globally.

What the project delivers

Implementing solutions that reduces the negative impact of extreme weather events in two coastal communities in Philippines, which will be evaluated and adjusted to be implemented in more communities.



Why we support this project

Extreme weather events will increase and therefore, it is extremely important to develop and test new innovative solutions.

Project time status


This project started in January 2019 and ended in February 2021

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