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Healthy and sustainable food systems

The way we produce and consume food has created many of the world’s most urgent health and environmental challenges. Obesity and chronic lifestyle diseases are growing health problems in several countries and the food industry is a major contributing factor to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. More and more people get their food from grocery chains and which give such chains have a huge opportunity to influence consumers’ choice of food in a direction that contributes positively to both the environment and public health.

In this project, the Swedish Postcode Foundation, together with Questionmark, wants to contribute to grocery store chains in Sweden and the United Kingdom offering a more environmentally friendly and healthy range of food that enables consumers to choose a sustainable and healthy diet.

The Swedish Postcode Foundation supports the project with SEK 2,755,000.

What the program delivers

In the first phase, Questionmark will identify and contact relevant organizations in Sweden and the United Kingdom that can contribute to developing and adapting the research methodology to the local context. In the second phase, the organization will carry out data collection of the food offered at four grocery store chains in each country. In the concluding phase, the organization will carry out a communication campaign to inform consumers, decision-makers and the general public about results and conclusions.

Why we support this project

This project contributes to fulfilling the Postcode Foundation’s statutes on working for a better environment.

Project time status


This project started in March 2021 and ended in December 2022

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