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The cryosphere and increasing climate ambition

The cryosphere is the ice- and snow-covered parts of the earth and they are very crucial for good livelihood. However, most people do not know about the consequences it adheres once global warming is not limited to 1.5 degrees. At higher temperatures, these areas will begin to melt, which will result in the tremendous rise of sea levels, decrease of the availability of drinking water, the release of large amounts of greenhouse gases once the permafrost melts. This will accelerate climate change further.

In this project, International Cryosphere Climate Initiative Europe (ICCI) seeks to increase knowledge and understanding of the role of the cryosphere in the climate system in China and in Sweden.

The project is supported with 2 380 000 kr.

What does the project deliver?

Lift up research in policy forums such as COP28 and COP29 and contribute to greater awareness in both China and Sweden; in connection with ICCI’s ongoing work and the new Ambition on Melting Ice high-level group, founded by 20 countries at COP27 including Sweden.

Why do we support this project?

To understand the consequences of a changing cryosphere can lead to stronger measures to reduce climate change, which benefits a broad public. Sweden has ambitious climate plans and dedicated researchers and civil society, however, knowledge on the role of the cryosphere is still low, which is why further efforts are needed.

Project time status


This project started in June 2023 and ends in May 2025

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