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Increased rights for the LGBT+ community

The project will train journalists in Ukraine, Lebanon, and India to better report on LGBT+ issues, and provide these journalists with potential funding and mentoring to help them produce incisive stories. The project will also train LGBT+ campaigners there to help them communicate their messages better, and to help them uncover relevant stories to tell.

In each country, in parallel,  journalists will be trained to better report on LGBT+ issues, and LGBT+ campaigners to be able to better communicate with the media, bringing them together for joint training and knowledge exchange.  Journalists will be provided the opportunity to apply for funding for stories, and mentor them to produce them. The LGBT+ campaigners will also be provided to apply for small research grants and mentoring so they can research LGBT+ issues. Journalists aware of differing views on SOGIESC will produce less inflammatory, less clichéd, more nuanced, and more dispassionate editorial material on LGBT+ issues, with a human angle, leading to better debates. On the final day of each workshop and following on after the conclusion of the program, journalists and campaigners will be encouraged to share their learning and develop networks across the project and beyond.

The project is supported with 2 220 000 SEK.

What the project delivers

Education, mentorship, networks, articles and research.

Why we support this project

The LGBT+ community is one of the most oppressed groups in the world. Working for LGBT+ rights is therefore a priority to decrease injustice.

Project time status


This project started in July 2019 and ended in July 2020