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King Kristina Alexander, exhibition and theatre about trans-persons history

Many young transgender people today feel a loneliness in their thoughts about gender identity. Threats, violence and, abuse are commonplace. This project challenges norms and reduces prejudices by demonstrating transgender situations – both today and from a historical perspective. By taking participants on a journey through history, from the time of Queen Kristina until present day, the trans-perspective can be written into history. It also gives the understanding that the struggle for personal gender identity has been going on for centuries.

What the project delivers

Exhibitions and performances in six areas around Sweden. As well as, workshops, lectures, and discussions.

Why we support this project

Highlighting trans-peoples history and experiences increases general understanding and inclusion. It also helps to strengthen transgender self-esteem and power.

Project time status


This project started in October 2017 and ended in April 2019

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