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More protection for unique areas in the Baltic Sea

Water covers 70% of the earth’s surface. Today, a large part of the world’s marine resources are polluted, overgrown, and vulnerable to overfishing. The Baltic Sea is even more susceptible to environmental pollutants than other large bodies of water. In this project, Fundacion Oceana will establish transnational marine reserves in Kvarken and Öresund, two unique and prosperous environments in the Baltic Sea, which today are not adequately protected.

The project includes a research expedition in Kvarken, where the underwater environments and species living there will be documented. The result will be analyzed and disseminated through a research proposal for protective measures. Impact and policy work to create an understanding of the need for transnational protection will be implemented at local, regional, and national level in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Additionally, communication and media campaigns will be conducted to spread awareness to the public.


What the project delivers

Documentation of environments and species, impact and policy work, and information dissemination.

Why we support this project

Protection and restoration of marine life and environments is important for preserving biodiversity and fishing resources, as well as strengthening the resistance to climate change.

Project time status


This project started in January 2018 and ended in December 2019

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