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Inclusive education for children with intellectual disabilities

Children with intellectual disabilities often suffer from discrimination and do not have the same access to school and education, amongst other things. In Nepal, about 80 percent of children with intellectual disabilities lack access to education, which often leads to lifelong exclusion.

In this project, the Postcode Foundation, together with MyRight, wants to create a model for an inclusive school environment and a curriculum that is adapted to the needs of children with intellectual disabilities in order to increase the target group’s access to education and improve their future opportunities.

The Postcode Foundation supports the project with SEK 1,980,000.

What the program delivers

The project consists of three parts: In the first part, the organization together with the local partner will carry out an information dissemination campaign and training aimed at decision-makers and the general public. In the second part, two selected schools will receive intensive education and support to be able to create a model for an inclusive school environment and education. In the third part, the organization will disseminate information about the model and carry out a basic education in ten other schools.

Why we support this project

This project contributes to the Postcode Foundation’s statutes to “work to ensure the rights of the child in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.”

Project time status


This project started in January 2021 and ended in December 2022

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