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  • Foto: mySociety

Strengthening Access to Information across Europe

Access to public information is a prerequisite for a democratic society. Authorities and government institutions need to be transparent for decision-makers and officials to be held accountable for their actions and decisions. In many European countries, however, there is a decline in which authorities and public bodies are becoming increasingly closed. These risks are creating a breeding ground for corruption and an inefficient, bureaucratic state apparatus.

In this project, mySociety seeks to contribute to increased access to public information and thus promote democracy in Europe through collaboration, capacity building and reform.

The project is supported with SEK 3 210 000

What does the project deliver?

mySociety, in collaboration with the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and Access Info Europe, will strengthen collaboration between the national organizations by forming a network and expanding the opportunities for civil society actors – such as journalists, lawyers and non-profit organizations – to use the platforms in investigations, court cases and news reports.

Why do we support this project?

The project contributes to a Democratic, Peaceful and Inclusive Europe, in line with the Postcode Foundation’s priorities for 2022.

Project time status


This project started in October 2022 and ends in September 2025

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