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Empowering Communitites in Kenya

Despite of a progressive constitution since 2010, the people of Kenya are not aware of their constitutional rights to better their living conditions. Additionally, the recent aggression and intimidation by the government against civil society organizations has created a hostile and unsafe working environment, especially for organizations and individuals working on issues of human rights, governance, public accountability, social justice and electoral justice.

In this project, InformAction aims to educate minorities on their constitutional rights as well as empower grassroots movements to promote active participation in the democratic processes.

The project is supported with 1 085 000 SEK

What the project delivers

Films and materials are produced to train marginalized groups on their rights and give them tools to be active in the democratic processes.

Why we support this project

By making the people aware of their rights and the democratic processes the project seeks to strengthen democracy.

Project time status


This project started in November 2019 and ended in December 2020

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