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Breaking the Cycle of Sexual Violence against Refugee Men, Boys and LGBTI Persons

In recent years, research suggests that conflict-related sexual violence is used against entire communities, including men and boys in both conflict settings as well as in displacements. It is also known that people in the LGBTI community are particularly exposed to sexual violence in conflicts. Yet existing humanitarian efforts overwhelmingly focus sexual violence-related interventions on heterosexuals, and cis-gendered women and girls. In this project, Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC) will improve humanitarian actors’ prevention, mitigation, and response efforts related to sexual violence for men, boys, and LGBTI persons. This will help reduce violence in crisis-affected communities, including against women and girls, and will assist in promoting peacebuilding.

What the project delivers

Expand the evidence base on sexual violence against men, boys, and LGBTI persons through reports and research and support capacity building for prevention, mitigation, and response regarding sexual violence against the target group.

Why we support this project

By increasing knowledge and supporting capacity-building of organizations that work with refugees, the project contributes to good health and care for men, boys and LGBTI persons who have been victims of sexual violence.

Project time status


This project started in January 2018 and ended in June 2019

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