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  • Photo: Front Line Defenders

Protecting Human Rights Defenders at risk in Europe

A free civic space and an enabling environment for civil society is a precondition for vibrant and open democratic societies that work for all. The foundation of civic space in Europe has been under sustained attack over recent years. Pervasive inequality, unaccountable corporate power, an emboldened far-right and misuse of national security frameworks pose serious threats to civic space and democracy in Europe.

In this project, Front Line Dfenders aims to support Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) at risk in Europe to safely continue their vital work to protect and promote human rights in their societies, push for democratic governance and accountability, support sustainable development, and act as key agents for social justice.

The Postcode Foundation supports with SEK 2 240 000.

What does the project deliver?

  • – Outreach and needs assessment missions to support the most excluded and at risk HRDs, and document their needs
  • – Holistic protection support to HRDs to deepen their capacity to analyse and respond to the risks that they face
  • – Strengthening the capacity of HRDs to respond to physical, digital and well-being/psychosocial risks

Why do we support this project?

The project contributes to enabling HRDs to better respond to immediate risks they are facing, as well as mitigating risk in the longer-term.

Project time status


This project started in January 2023 and ends in December 2024

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