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Clean Water and Sanitation to Communities in Bolivia

Access to safe drinking water and hygienic sanitation is a basic foundation that is needed to allow further human progress and development. Without it, communities are at risk for disease, which prevents children from attending school and limits adults from working. Women are specifically impacted since much of their time is consumed with accessing water including the long journey to water holes. In Bolivia, many people still lack access to clean water and adequate sanitation. Therefore, in this project, Water for People will seek to set up well-functioning water systems in two districts in Bolivia where a third of the population lacks access to water.

What the project delivers

The establishment of water, sanitation and hygiene offices, development of water systems and training of the local offices.

Why we support this project

Access to clean water and sanitation is essential to maintain good living conditions.

Project time status


This project started in May 2018 and ended in May 2019