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Restoring and protecting vulnerable ecosystems in Niger

Extreme poverty in Niger is pushing rural communities to over-exploit their forest resources, including in National Park W. This is threatening the survival of a large range of plants and animals as well as local communities who rely on the land for their livelihoods. Forest management must go hand-in-hand with improving the lives of these communities, so that unsustainable use of the land stops. This project will train communities to protect the vital forest resources they rely on to survive, alongside demonstrating how they can earn a sustainable income from trees.

The projekt is supported with 3 200 000 SEK.

What the project delivers

Strengthening of local land management committees, training programs for farmers, planting trees to restore damaged and unusable land and support for women to run local small businesses with sustainable products.

Why we support this project

The project is important because it is reducing threats against vulnerable eco systems. Also, the living conditions for the local communities are improved.

Project time status


This project started in September 2019 and ended in August 2021

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