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Supporting Women’s Reproductive Freedom in Mexico

It is impossible to achieve gender quality if women are not empowered and supported to manage their reproductive lives and avoid unwanted pregnancy. However, women in Mexico often have limited access to correct information and adequate support for safe abortion.

In this project, Ipas will work closely with community partners to improve access to safe abortion in Oaxaca, Mexico, where abortion was recently decriminalized, by sharing accurate and clear information on safe abortion options and increasing community social support for the women and adolescents seeking safe abortion.

The project is supported with 2 600 000 SEK


What the project delivers

Reviewing and updating material on abortion, taking into the consideration the language skills of the women of Oaxaca’s community. Building the capacity of local organizations through trainings, mentorships, and continuous support to be able to inform and take care of the local women.

Why we support this project

Access to good health is a basic human right and improvs the livelihood of the people.

Project time status


This project started in September 2020 and ended in August 2022

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