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SRHR Education Through Football Coaching in Zambia

Zambia has a very young population with nearly half the population under 15. As a traditional, patriarchal society, the sexual health of young people, especially girls, is often seen as a taboo subject, which can lead to negative health outcomes for young people. Whilst sexuality education is available in theory in Zambian schools, it is still largely lacking in practice with adolescent-friendly health services and referrals between schools and health facilities lacking.

This project will use the power and popularity of football to reach 1,600 young people in Lusaka and Central Province, Zambia with the SRHR knowledge, services, and skills to take control of their sexual health. 

The Swedish Postcode Foundation supports this project with SEK 2 055 000.

What the project delivers

Educating youth in SRHR. With specific input from young people, and using TackleAfrica and Restless Development’s expertise in youth-led consultation, two gender transformative manuals will be produced, one for adolescent girls and young women and one for adolescent boys and young men. TAs methos till be incoporated in RDs organization.

Why we support this project

Direct knowledge-raising efforts on and access to SRHR reduce gender gaps and contribute to increased gender equality, better sexual health and positive social development.

Project time status


This project started in September 2021 and ended in August 2023

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