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Educating Young Leaders to protect the Amazon

The Amazon is home to of one of the world’s richest ecosystems and largest carbon stock. The Amazon is also home to several indigenous communities. Deforestation, to extract oil, minerals and other natural resources, contribute to loss of biodiversity and have negative effects on the climate, but it also worsens the living conditions of the indigenous people living in the area. In this project, Stichting Hivos, seeks to strengthen the local population by giving selected young leaders within the community a specially designed training program in protecting and preserving the Amazon.

What the project delivers

Training, exchange of knowledge and networks of young leaders from indigenous communities in the Amazon.

Why we support this project

Protecting and preserving the Amazon is crucial for our livelihoods, thus strengthening young leaders in the region will help us reach a positive social impact.

Project time status


This project started in March 2018 and ended in June 2020

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