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Photo: UNFPA Bangladesh

Photo: UNFPA Bangladesh

Care and Support of Girls and Women in Refugee Camps in Bangladesh

Since the autumn of 2017, hundreds of thousands of people from the minority group Rohingyas in Burma have fled to Bangladesh, making it one of the causes of the fastest growing humanitarian crisis in the world. Cox’s Bazar, the refugee camp in Bangladesh, is populated by 64% women, many of whom are pregnant and/or nursing.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has noted that the majority of these women are exposed to sexual violence prior and post arrival to the camp. Thus, in this project, UNA Sweden in partnership with UNFPA seeks to work for girl and women’s rights to sexual and reproductive health and provide support to those who have suffered gender-based violence.

What the project delivers

Support and mentorship to local midwives, create access to emergency obstetrics care, training of employees at the women’s center and assistance to girls and women subjected to sexual or other gender-based violence.

Why we support this project

Strengthening women in vulnerable conditions contributes to a positive change in one of the most urgent crisis in the world.

Project time status


This project started in March 2018 and ended in December 2018

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