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Culture can’t wait

Since 2010, ICCROM (the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) has initiated training to strengthen on-the-ground preparedness and emergency response to protect cultural heritage during complex humanitarian crises. Through training, networking and in-field experience, ICCROM has developed a methodology to provide cultural heritage first aid in tandem with humanitarian relief. 

This project, Culture Cannot Wait-heritage for peace and resilience will train a mixed group of disaster risk management professionals, emergency responders, military personnel, humanitarian aid professionals, leaders of heritage communities, and cultural heritage professionals. The end goal is to facilitate coordination between actors and integration of cultural heritage into existing emergency management.

What the project delivers

In the education for Cultural First Aiders, the participants will learn how to analyze a upcoming crisis and protect cultural heritage in the danger zone, and saving cultural heritage that has already been attacked.




Why we support this project

To care for the cultural heritage, can contribute to sustainable and long-term reconstruction and reconciliation in the society.

Projektets tidsstatus


This project started in April 2019 and ended in June 2020

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