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Glocal Film Festival

17 Sustainable Development Goals – 17 cities. Six out of 10 Swedes, mainly young people, are unaware of the Sustainable Development Goals. In this project, FilmCentrum seeks to help increase the knowledge of the SDGs by organizing a touring film festival that travels throughout Sweden and stops in 17 different cities. In each city, a film about one of the SDGs will be shown and it is particularly selected to meet the needs of that specific city. In connection to the screenings, in-depth discussions of the actual SDG will be carried out and complementary materials will be published on the website.

Through cooperation with the municipalities, local organizations and other profiles a local commitment on the specific goals is stimulated. Visitors are encouraged to take action through private initiatives to inform and educate people on the SDGs. These initiatives will be highlighted through a competition.

What the project delivers

Film screenings and in-depth discussions in 17 cities across Sweden, as well as new methods of informing and educating people on the SDGs.

Why we support this project

The film screenings and the follow-up discussions clarify the importance and relevance of the SDGs on the local level, thus promoting engagement on the SDGs.

Project time status


This project started in March 2018 and ended in January 2019

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