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Sápmi Writing Center

Reading and writing in one’s own language is a fundamental human right. In Sweden, there is very little original work produced in Sami languages ​​each year. Authors who try to write and publish books in Sami have difficulty getting their work acknowledged due to little financial support and a lack of Sami publishers. In this project, a push for Sami literature is being conducted by establishing a Sámi writing center in Jokkmokk.

Initially, a survey from a group of new and well established Sami authors will investigate the needs from the Sami writing community. Based on this study, the project will work to educate the general public about Sami culture and literature. Participants will also engage in literary events and circles as well as create literature projects for the public.

What the project delivers

The establishment of a writing center based in Jokkmokk, as well as network of Sámi-speaking writers and translators throughout the Sápmi region.

Why we support this project

Strengthening Sami literature, strengthens the greater Swedish literary community as well as Sami culture as a whole.

Project time status


This project started in November 2017 and ended in November 2019