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Keeping it real

Free Press Unlimited will conduct research into digital media literacy and develop recommendations for a digital media literacy toolkit aimed at 13-year olds in Mexico, South Africa and Sweden. The proposed project will do this through a) conducting desk and field research on digital media consumption of 13-year olds in Mexico, South Africa and Sweden and existing digital media literacy tools; and b) providing recommendations and concepts for a digital media literacy toolkit targeted towards 13-year olds.

The lack of research done with children living in different countries, and in non-Western countries in general, is therefore the immediate problem that this project seeks to address. Free Press Unlimited will implement the research project in three countries: Mexico, South Africa and Sweden. In addition, they will explore possible tools that could be used towards solutions to existing challenges in digital media literacy in Mexico and South Africa. These countries from different continents, represent very different contexts. Gaining insight into the behaviour of 13-year olds with digital media in Mexico, South Africa and Sweden – and any possible differences between them – will contribute to improving digital media and information literacy of youth.

What the project delivers

Research, hackatons and communication to spread the results about 13 -year olds use of social media.

Why we support this project

In a more and more digitalized world, there is less obstacles to spread fake news. It is important to have knowledge about how to assess the truth in news, which this project supports.

Project time status


This project started in September 2018 and ended in July 2020

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