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Millas Miracle, theatre tour

Mental illness is widespread amongst young people in Sweden today. This leads to an increased risk of self-harm, and in the worst case, suicide. This can be from school or online bullying, or difficult relationships in the home that result in feeling excluded or unwanted. Talking about suicide and mental health is still taboo in many ways, which can leave young people feeling alone with their experiences and thoughts.

It is therefore important to work in a variety of ways to open up conversations about mental health and illnesses. The work from this project is based on Millas Mirakel, a performance about a bullied teenage girl who has lost her lust for life but retrieves it after an unexpected meeting.

What the project delivers

A school tour in four counties in Norrland, Sweden and mental health training for school staff and students.

Why we support this project

Through the project, young people are encouraged to reflect on mental health, seek support, and dare to talk about difficult situations they or their loved ones have experienced.

Project time status


This project started in October 2017 and ended in December 2018

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