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Not a Single Story

A cultural scene that reflects people’s different backgrounds plays a crucial role in creating a sense of connection and belonging. The current Swedish scene does not reflect the diversity that exists in our society. International collaborations can play a key role in opening the horizon and introducing influences from other parts of the world. In this project, Stiftelsen Wanås Utställningar in Sweden collaborates with the Nirox Foundation, a cultural center in South Africa, to arrange an outdoor exhibition at Nirox including Swedish, South African and international artists.

Pedagogical activities are also carried out parallel to the exhibitions, to create a positive effect for the surrounding community. This will help Nirox to learn from Wanås Foundation’s long experience of working with children and young adults. Finally, experiences and practices will be shared and two South African artists will showcase their work at Wanås for a longer period of time.

What the project delivers

Experience-sharing between the organizations Nirox and Wanås, as well as exchange between the artists.

Why we support this project

International collaborations among organizations and individuals where ideas and methods are created and shared, strengthen both the Swedish and South African cultural scenes.

Project time status


This project started in November 2017 and ended in April 2019

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