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Sharing cultural heritage objects using new technology

Over 2,000 of Sweden’s local heritage federations have collections that are available to the public. These, however, often consist of objects that can be perceived as “ancient” and are not relatable to visitors, unless they have prior knowledge or a personal relationship to the objects. In most cases, these collections are from before the 1950s, and fewer people possess a greater connection to these objects each year. Stories and relationships with cultural heritage are therefore at risk of disappearing.

In order for this knowledge to be passed on to new generations and new groups, it needs to be documented. In this project, the storytelling of local history is being developed and adapted to different media and target groups.

What the project delivers

A digital exhibition of text, sound, and images of stories from the local heritage federations in Skåne, Sweden.

Why we support this project

Upholding knowledge and understanding of local heritage that is about to disappear gives new generations the opportunity to interactively create a relationship with Swedish heritage.

Project time status


This project started in October 2017 and ended in September 2019

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